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E3 Flasher 3K Limited Version PS3 PlayStation3 Downgrader & Jailbreak

E3 Flasher 3K Limited Version PS3 PlayStation3 Downgrader & Jailbreak

E3 Flasher 3K Limited Version PS3 PlayStation3 Downgrader & Jailbreak
SKU e3flasher
Weight 2.00 lbs
Market price: $99.95
Our price: $64.95
Add E3 Reader to downgrade?
Power adapter for Eur-US




If you are outside North America, shipping may be slightly more than as shown on our website due to the weight of the E3 Flasher being 3lbs. You will be contacted to pay for additional shipping.

You will also need a downgrade dongle such as the E3 Card Reader AVR to perform the downgrade.

Warning. This product is not 'hard' to install, but is very easy for you to stuff up your console. There is no warranty on the clip device. You have 1 shot to get it onto the console. If you apply the clip wrong you will get a bad read, and the pins on the clip will be damaged.

Please note that you have to make sure the clip is perfectly flush with the motherboard before you press it down.   The majority of the issues lie with improper installation of the clip. If the clip is uneven before you press it down, it will slightly bend the pins on the bottom of the clip.

This Ultimate PS3 Downgrade Device - will allow you to downgrade a NOR PS3 from any new firmare to 3.55!  

This device is only for consoles with NOR flash, not NAND at the moment.  (Doesn't work on Slim 3000 or superslim consoles)

Here is a great installation video:

These are the pre-packaged contents for the E3 Flasher complete kit. If you see resellers/distributors selling for less, it's because they are not selling the package with everything seen below.



This device will require you to simply open up your SLIM PS3 to take the HD out and solder. For the FAT PS3 you WILL require soldering!  As well, the plug that they include with the sata dock is not North American.

Please double check to make sure it works with your PS3 as we will not issue refunds if it is not compatible with your PS3 after it has been installed.

Watch the Official E3DIY Video:


  • NOR FLASH ON board
  • 3 save MODE
  • 1 KEY backup or restore, simplicity is best
  • Compatible with all PS3 console - FAT models require soldering
  • Integrated interface varieties, perfect extension, will have more functions with future E3 accessories
Warranty? 6 months from order ship date.
Retail Packaging? Boxed by manufacturer.
Product/Technical Support? Manufacturer web forums.


This device is designed primarily to aid or assist in the repair or replacement of defective hardware and also for the use of and development of legal open source software. It does not enable any kind of piracy or have any code whatsoever that circumvents any kind of protection. We do not support nor encourage, if possible, potential infringements of others intellectual property rights - please do not contact us with any question related to this use as we will not respond. DO NOT use or buy this product if you are looking to perform any illegal activity. Opening your Sony Playstation renders your warranty null and void. You should not attempt to repair your Sony Playstation unless it is no longer under warranty, or else you do NOT intend to use your warranty. MODCHIPCENTRAL.COM is not responsible for any damage done to your Xbox 360 or any other devices that you may use with this kit. Please do not attempt to repair your Sony Playstation unless you have experience working with computer hardware.

Playstation & Playstation 3 are registered trademarks by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. No affiliation between E3 or MODCHIPCENTRAL.COM and Sony Computer Entertainment exists or is implied.

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Replacement Bluetooth Module for Nintendo Wii Cobra USB - PS3 Development Tool - FINAL SALE E3 NOR Flasher - Downgrader

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Customer Reviews

does not fit CECH2001B. I always get a bad dump, even when I am pressing down on the chip with my bare hands.

Author: Dinujan Krishnakumar

The setup is pritty easy. No soldering required Which makes its even better. I recommend haveing it plus to instal you have to get the E3 single for downgradeing the ps3. I rate this a 5 star for easy install and set up. To get the software is on a different website..

Author: chris fairweather

hi there, i'm in south africa and i'ts very difficult, if not impossible, to get one of these stuff in this country! please let me know if u have this devise in stock.

Author: Bafana Molalakgotla

awesome product but I had to burn a little bit my ps3 case since I own a different model (CECHL01) but everything is working fine ^^


Author: Karl Fortier-Champagne

just a question about how much is in stock?

Author: nathan leagan

are there any in stock ?

Author: sion williams

It is very easy to set up, the only down side is if you live in the USA you would have to purchase an adapter for the SATA Dock connection or use one of your own.

Author: Jose Ramirez

is this really in stock right now thxz

Author: joel mendoza

Just wanted to say i brought this last week it took only 3 days excluding saturday and sunday came in perfect condition in the usa going to try it later but will let u know how it works thanks will buy from modchip central again...

Author: Anthony Grosh

Just wanted to say thanks guys :-)

Author: reagan galloway

Hello I have recently bought this item and I Love the customer service and there help also the price for me for this is a great price I love the staff they are extremely helpful if you decide on buying this it is a great company to buy it from I recommend to it to anyone that is trying to downgrade a PS3 I would rate it 5/5

Author: Michael Morin
No news available at the moment
I browsed lots of internet websites trying to find something trustable but no place looked good enough until i found modchipcentral...so I decided to give a try..made a purchase..the card didnt work..contacted modchipcentral..superb post sale support..they exchanged the card in a very timely manner...so people if you are reading this and you are still hesitating on doing business with modchipcentral...I personally recommend this website,extremely satisfied with their service and support...looking forward to do business again with them.
Mauricio M.

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