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Q: I am getting the E64 error!

A.  Your firmware files are not being detected on your MicroSD card. You can recover your SD card using this method which uses the latest 1.06 firmware:

If you already have your firmware.bin file or dummy.bin file on your MicroSD card, make sure to save it on your computer first because this will reformat your MicroSD card.

What you need:

-USB Image Tool (Here http://www.alexpage.de/usb-image-tool/)  Direct Download link: http://www.alexpage.de/download/usbit/usbit.zip
-A XK SD card image file, updated to 1.06:  http://www.multiupload.com/8F39WKHCV6

Getting ready:

-Unzip USB Image Tool to a directory on your Hard Disk.
-Unzip the XK SD card image file into the same directory.
-A micro SD card, preferably the 128MB card that came with XK but if this is not working you can use any micro SD card you have available

Writing the image:

-Plug your SD card into a USB card reader, plug the card reader into your PC. Note the drive letter Windows assigns to it
-Run the USB Image Tool (on Vista & 7 be sure to run it as Administrator)   (Thanks to Wiisel for this)

1) Make sure the USB Image Tool is in "Device Mode"   
2) Select the SD card from the list in USB Image Tool
3) Click the "Restore" button in USB Image Tool
-A FileOpen Dialog will appear, select the XK SD card image file you unzipped previously
-Wait a few seconds for USB Image Tool to do its thing
-Eject/Safely Remove the SD card in explorer

Once your SD card is created, it will look empty however it is not.  It will look like this:


The firmware is installed in a partition.  Now all you need to do is place your firmware.bin or your dummy.bin file there, and your MicroSD card will look like this:

You now have a factory fresh micro SD card with XK FW version 01.06 ready to use.

Q.  The Language on your xkey remote is in Chinese. How do I change it to English?

1.  Download the newest firmware from here:  http://x360key.com.au/x360key_latest_firmware_6.html 

2.  Extract the three files "rootfs", "uImage" & "xkey.cfg"

3. Put the 3 files on the root directory of your Hard drive or regular Micro sd and use the usb reader that came free with your xkey.

4. Power on your xbox with xkey installed and your hard drive plugged into the remote or usb stick plugged in the remote.

5.  The remote OLED will now display "UPDATING - PLEASE WAIT" for about 35 seconds. (most likely in chinese writing.) (Do not turn off your XB360 or disconnect the remote while updating)

6.  Once the update is completed, the OLED will display "UPDATE COMPLETE - RESET XBOX" Reboot your xbox and the xk3y should now be updated to the latest firmware.

7.  The Chinese writing should now appear in English and your xkey is updated!

XBOX stuck on update screen

As an XKEY installer we have had several people run into this issue where they update their dashboard from an iso and it gets stuck in a loop. Since they don't have the remote here is another option they can use.

I have an x360key and now the xbox is stuck on a white update screen.

This has happened because you did a dashboard update from a backup that is on the usb drive. Since the xbox requires a reboot when doing a dashboard update it will no longer know which backup to complete the update from because it's on the usb. You now have to manually update to the dashboard by downloading the files onto a USB.

Cilck for more...

No news available at the moment
In two words:
Absolutely brilliant.

My Full Review & Experience:
This is by far the best mod-shop I have ever dealt with (and I've tried several). Orders are literally shipped within hours of placing them (depending on time of day the order is placed and whether or not it's a weekend of course) and arrive exactly as advertised on the front page, within 3-5 business days. I have ordered twice & both orders arrived in exactly three days.

Another thing I must mention is the unbelievable top-notch tech support this place provides. There seems to be one main man behind the tech support and he goes above & beyond the "call of duty" (for lack of better terminology) to satisfy customers. This man deserves a pay raise after the 17+ emails exchanged between him and myself (you know who you are! you are terrific my man! :)

In my book, good tech support via email is HUGE for a mod-shop and ModchipCentral is not just good, they are truly superb. I have never experienced such competence & responsiveness from any other place I have tried. Questions, a lot like orders, are answered within hours. If you have any problems, they are resolved in the same manner. The main man is polite, professional & most importantly INTERESTED in helping.

My ONLY gripe, and believe me this is minuscule compared to the utter greatness of literally every other aspect of this shop, is that some product descriptions need slightly tweaked to avoid confusion & some links need updated. (ModchipCentral, feel free to contact me if you'd like specifics) Other than that, this is THE place to purchase your modding supplies if you want product reliability AND actual tech support.

Thank you to everyone behind-the-scenes at ModchipCentral who take care of the orders & enormous gratitude to the tech support, aka Sylvester :)

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