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E3 Card Reader AVR

E3 Card Reader AVR

E3 Card Reader AVR
SKU e3avr
Weight 1.00 lbs
Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.95


Deal with a North American supplier, not a supplier from Asia where you might receive a clone or have to wait 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. We have stock ready to ship and you can receive yours in 2-5 business days!

Works with all HEX and as a bonus with PC AND MAC all for a blow away low price!

Great for use in conjunction with the E3 Flasher to downgrade your console to 3.55.

This will also downgrade from 3.55 to 3.41


  • Dual Program booting PS3 Jailbreak dongle that is simple to use!
  • 32bit processor with 128K flash. Has strong processing rate and high expansion space
  • 4MB programmable onboard FLASH - Accessed as 4MB USB driver
  • Supports homebrew & back-up manager
  • MicroSD SDHC supported, can load software and homebrew from it
  • SUPPORTS Multi-System WinXP/Vista/Win7/Mac OS/Linux, this is a Multi-System Super-Drag-Drop Upgrade - nothing more than a file copy!
  • Super-Drag-Plug upgrade mode - just copy BIN file and paste into e3 card. Takes a few seconds to finish upgrading - no need for any extra upgrader
  • Dual firmware booting mode, this means hermes v4b and kakaroto latest firmware integrated into one code, and you can use any of them by yourself , no need to re-flash code
  • Support any free PSGROOVE Hex like hermes & kakaroto
  • E3card reader has CE, FCC and RoHS certification , it is a more safer and environmentally friendly product
  • Comes with 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty


  1. Download E3 card reader firmware from E3 download page.
  2. Plug E3 card reader into PC, it will show find:
    • E3_4M_STICK DISK
    • E3Upgrader DISK
    • Removable Disk
  3. Copy E3 card reader firmware into E3Upgrader DISK , after 1 second, the blue light on E3 card reader will light up. Meaning the upgrade is complete.
  4. Then eject the E3 Card Reader from the PC and insert into the PS3.

For information about how to Downgrade your PS3 with E3 Card Reader click here:

Warranty? 90 days from order ship date.
Retail Packaging? Not always sealed by manufacturer.
Product/Technical Support? Manufacturer web forums.
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Customer Reviews

Good morning how are you today? Perhaps, I will like to make a

request for some product if your company can supply us any of these

product listed below.

Product Specification:

* 600pcs of 4GB USB Memory Stick

* 1000pcs of 2GB USB Memory Stick

Your quick respond will be appreciate.


Lerry Scott, (Purchasing Manager)
110 Chatham Road
New Jersey 07901
Office: 908-281-9990
Fax: 908-594-0076

Author: Lerry Scott

the website for the e3 card reader does not work

Author: chris fairweather

im haven't gotten it yet too and i made it come overnight too so when will i get my E3 flash reader

Author: Erik Larsen

the link for the e3 card reader ( doesn't work please update it

Author: Edward Posey

you can get the files here: (top of the page) hope that helps : )

Author: Leo V.


I ordered this with the E3 Flasher Limited and it hasn't came, still waiting on some info on when I'll be getting it.

Author: Caleb Rodgers
No news available at the moment
Received my order today. Excellent quality. Everything worked fine. I ordered Xbox mega bundle and forgot to add Molex adapter. So Sylvester G shipped it later with few bucks extra. He's been really helpful and great. Loving this site. Would definitely order from them again.
BTW: I'm from India. So Indian folks trust this site and order from them.

Cons : UPS shipping is not very good.

Rest everything is great. Thank you.

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