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The Matrix Team are official resellers for Team Matrix - the team behind great 360 firmware flashing products like the Matrix Giltcher, Matrix Freedom Lite, Matrix NAND Programmer, and Matrix Trident!


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Matrix CryptoCop Add-on 1175 DG-16D5S Solution
SKU: matrixcryptocop

The latest LITE-ON DG16D5S and HITACHI DLN10N 0500/0502* solution from the Matrix Team!

*Hitachi DLN10N 0500/0502 drives are going to be compatible in a few days.

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Our price: $9.95
Market price: $24.95 save 60%
Matrix External USB Programmer for Glitcher II / Freedom PCB
SKU: extprogmatrix

The external programmers for fine tuning Matrix Glitcher II performance and optional add-on to the Matrix FREEDOM and FREEDOM LITE PCB.

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Our price: $19.95
Matrix Freedom LITE Unlocked Replacement PCB DG-16D4S
SKU: matrixfreedomlite

The MTX Freedom PCB is a full replacement for your Liteon DG-16D4S Drives PCB.

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Our price: $37.45
Market price: $59.95 save 38%
Matrix Freedom PCB XBox 360 SLIM LTU+ DG-16D4S DG-16D5S 1175
SKU: matrix1175pcb

New Product from the Matrix team this is a LTU firmware modded PCB replacement for the DG-16D5S DVD drives found in the Xbox 360 slim model consoles.

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Our price: $49.95
Market price: $79.95 save 38%
Matrix Trident
SKU: tridentmatrix


We are proud to announce the MATRIX TRIDENT (PSI), the first TRIPLE NAND solution available for Xbox360.

The TRIDENT will transform your console 16 MB NAND in 3 independent 16 MB banks that can be read and write with any available SPI reader/writer solution using software tools like Nandpro 2.0 and Nandpro 3.0.

The trident can work together with any Glitcher solution present in the market.

A flat cable is supplied to directly connect it to the Matrix GLitcher II, for enhanced performances.

It features a quick solder board solution for the Trinity slim  and an external switch with led indicators to quickly choose which one of the THREE banks of NAND to use.

With the Matrix Trident you can assign one bank to the Original NAND, the second bank to boot a dashboard and the third NAND bank to boot Xell or a second dashboard.

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Our price: $34.95
Market price: $39.95 save 13%
Matrix Glitcher V1
SKU: matrixglitcher1

Based on the GliGli Hack (a Reset type Glitch Hack), it works by sending precisely timed pulses to the console’s processor until the booting of unsigned code is successful. Once this has been achieved, XeLL, the Xenon Linux Loader is booted.

It works on Phat versions of the X360
(except Xenon motherboard) regardless of the Kernel version


Great for Glitching Phat consoles! Get the JRP V2 to program the Glitcher!


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Our price: $14.95
Market price: $24.95 save 40%
Matrix SPI NAND Flasher/ Programmer V1.0
SKU: matrixnandprogrammer

Cost effective NAND reader / programmer to complete the GliGli Hack.

It features a PIC18F2455 microcontroller for stable and quick reading/writing of all NAND models available on the different XBOX360 models.

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Our price: $19.95
Market price: $24.95 save 20%
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A+ 5Star supplier. I reside in South Africa Cape Town and my fully functional Infectus 2 arrived within 10 days, very satisfied so I have ordered the X360USB Pro. Next testimonial coming soon, I'm confident in Modchip Central and would recommend them to anyone. Regards MCD.

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