ModChipCentral.com is an official reseller for E3 in North America! We have stock for the flagship E3 ODE for the PS3, the E3 Flasher Downgrader kit, and E3 Move Suite!


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SKU: e3ode1


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Our price: $9.95
Market price: $14.95 save 33%
E3 ODE PRO v1.2 for PS3 SLIM 2K5 / 3K / 4K
SKU: e3ode

E3 ODE PRO v1.2 is the latest Optical Drive Emulator for PS3 SLIM 2K5 and up! Run your video games and movie ISO's from your PS3 SLIM console without the need for CFW!

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Our price: $29.95
Market price: $99.95 save 70%
External Cooling System for Xbox 360 (White)
SKU: coolingwhite

This Xbox 360 External Cooling System keeps your Xbox 360 running at optimal conditions. The cooler is a snap-on cooling attachment that easily connects to the Xbox 360. It provides increased air flow away from the Xbox 360 system, allowing a cooler and better ventilated environment. The cooler is ideal for cramped entertainment centers. No internal modification of the Xbox 360 is required. A pass-through power connection utilizes the existing Xbox 360 power supply, negating the need for an extra AC adapter. Get extended life, reliability and gaming with this external cooler for your Xbox 360!

  • Reduces the temperature of your Xbox 360 to improve performance and minimize wear
  • 3 quiet powerful fans increase the system airflow, keeping the console cool, even in confined spaces such as entertainment centers
  • Powered by the Xbox 360 console, no extra AC adapter needed
  • Designed to support both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Compact design
  • Snap-on assembly for easy installation, no tools required
  • Strategically designed to assist the Xbox 360’s built in heat management system
  • Cooler temperatures mean extended life and reliability
  • Auto or manual power on and off
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Our price: $13.95
E3 PS3 SLIM Power Switch
SKU: e3switch


These are also included in the E3 Flasher Ltd. Edition complete kits.

Great on/off switch for slim PS3 consoles.

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Our price: $4.95
Market price: $16.95 save 71%
E3 Flasher NOR Clip Suit
SKU: norclip

The E3 Flasher NOR Clip Suit is one of the most important spare part of E3 Flasher, which works with LIMITED Edition and also with the Standard Edition. This CLIP Suit includes E3 NOR Clip and E3 Linker - therefore the E3-Flasher can work in two ways: solderless installaion due to the E3 Clip or solder wire installation due to the E3 Linker.

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Our price: $22.45
Market price: $39.99 save 44%
E3 NOR Flasher - Downgrader
SKU: e3norflasher

The E3 NOR Flasher works same as the E3 Flasher Ltd. and includes 4 components: mainboard, cover board, CLIP with softboard, and metal cover.

The E3 NOR Flasher works on all NOR flash consoles and no soldering.


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Our price: $24.95
Market price: $79.99 save 69%
E3 Flasher 3K Limited Version PS3 PlayStation3 Downgrader & Jailbreak
SKU: e3flasher

You will also need a downgrade dongle such as the E3 Card Reader to perform the downgrade.

Warning. This product is not 'hard' to install, but is very easy for you to stuff up your console. There is no warranty on the clip device. You have 1 shot to get it onto the console. If you apply the clip wrong you will get a bad read, and the pins on the clip will be damaged.

Please note that you have to make sure the clip is perfectly flush with the motherboard before you press it down.   The majority of the issues lie with improper installation of the clip. If the clip is uneven before you press it down, it will slightly bend the pins on the bottom of the clip.

This Ultimate PS3 Downgrade Device - will allow you to downgrade a NOR PS3 from any new firmare to 3.55!  

This device is only for consoles with NOR flash, not NAND at the moment.  (Doesn't work on Slim 3000 or superslim consoles)


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Our price: $49.95
Market price: $99.95 save 50%
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