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Premodded and Stock Drives / Boards

Premodded and Stock Drives / Boards

Wii Drive Replacement Boards (PCB) - DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C
SKU: driveboard

These replacement Wii boards can be used in any console (except for D4 drives) with any region.    This is a great replacement if you have a D3-2 drive and want to play backups from DVD's.

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Our price: $14.95
Market price: $49.95 save 70%
Nintendo Wii DVD Drive w/ Free Triwing + Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: stockdrive

This is for a D2C/D2E drive. Comes with a free triwing and phillips screwdriver. This is a great solution if you have a D3-2 drive if you want to play backups from DVD's.   It is a direct replacement of your existing drive which is fairly simply to swap out!

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Our price: $44.95
Market price: $89.95 save 50%
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a few words to describe my experience:

Unbelievable Customer service
Care in packaging and shipping
Kind and Professional

Let me expand:

The whole process from selecting an product to having it arrive at my door was very fast. The sites set up is very easy to navigate through and user friendly! All the information you need to know about what in your order to how long it will take is readily available to you through the whole process. one thing i really liked was the bundles! I saved about $15 by bundling on my order so i Highly recommend doing that to save some cash.
So in being new to this modding world I naturally had a lot of questions that Youtube Couldn\\\\\\\'t answer. I contacted MCC and they got back to me with both a detailed email and more information to better help me complete my task. not to mention the whole time they were very professional and courteous to my lack of knowledge (thanks for being patient lol)

Last thing! my package was shipped through FedEx and came nicely packed together and everything in working order not to mention all the items were secure!

Sorry about the rant but I can truly say 5/5 overall with these guys. I look forward to more business to come.


Ben Dover
Ben Dover

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