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Maximus Trident MX

Maximus Trident MX

Maximus Trident MX
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The Maximus Trident MX is a spear / probe device that can be used on the Xbox 360 Slim Lite-On DG-16D4S drives that have the Macronix SPI chips to unlock them, the process does not require any soldering and only 1-track needs to be cut for the process making it very user friendly for those new or old to drive flashing. For those that don’t know all the Lite-On DG-16D4S drives in the Slim consoles come with either a Macronix or Winbond SPI chip, using the Maximus Trident MX on the drives that have the Macronix SPI in conjunction with your flashing tool set such as 360 Lizard or your Xecuter gear with Jungle Flasher it’s now possible to unlock these drives. Note at this time it’s not possible to un-lock the drives with the WinBond SPI chips but Maximus is hard at work on their un-lock solution for those SPI chips as well.

Recently a dashboard update to the Xbox 360 Slim has now also locked the 9504 drives, so all Lite-On drives in Slim consoles that have had the latest dashboard update applied are now locked, this is where the Maximus Trident MX Slim Lite-On un-lock tool comes in, you can now safely use it with your current flashing tools to safely unlock your Lite-On 9504, 0225, 0401 etc, but just remember it will only work on the drives using the Macronix SPI chip. Maximus has already made a complete manual for the Trident MX and we have linked to it below so you can download and have a read, do note at this stage the manual only covers it being used with the Lizard. Buy Maximus Trident MX Slim Lite-On un-lock tool here today.


  • Designed to work with Macronix Power trick (requiring only 1 cut)
  • Precision controlled Shoot time; won't cause overheating of the Voltage Regs
  • Automatic Control - "just push down” operation
  • Also support’s a manual mode with a simple button press
  • Retry system with automatic safe-tested time increments.
  • Adjustable resistor values (shipped pre-set to optimum performance)
  • The perfect companion tool for Lizard and Jungleflasher
  • Shipped in a protective case for storage between uses


  • 1x Maximus Trident MX*
  • *Lizard not included
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Short FCC Cable for X360key /xk3y Mygica atv 1900 PRO Android Box for your T.V! Minimus 32 Avr USB

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I bought a xKey from them, dont know if it was cheap or not becuase they were the only sellers nearby.
I received it a week later, during the holdiays.
It did not work however do some error during installation. I contacted them and returned my old one.
Within a week, i got a email saying what happenned and what would i like to do.
They sent a replacement within 2 days, and i got it within 5.
Everything works, and they could not have done better on there side of things.
So yes, go ahead and buy from them, you wont be surprised.
Shivam Patel

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