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Xbox 360 Flashing Service (Phat Xbox 360's) to Latest iXtreme Firmware

Xbox 360 Flashing Service (Phat Xbox 360's) to Latest iXtreme Firmware

Xbox 360 Flashing Service (Phat Xbox 360's) to Latest iXtreme Firmware
SKU 360flash
Weight 8.00 lbs
Market price: $59.95
Our price: $49.95

This listing is for Phat Xbox 360 consoles. For Slim consoles, scroll down.

Please email us for shipping instructions once your order is placed.  Sales@modchipcentral.com

The turnaround time for our flashing service is about 1 business day from when we receive it (sometimes delays do occur so it may take an extra day or so)

We are back again with our flashing services for the Xbox 360.

Basically, you do not need to know which drive you have as we can flash all Phat 360 drives for $49.95

If you have a Phat Xbox 360, this is what your drive will be flashed with:
Liteon / BenQ Drive - LT 3.0
Samsung - LT 2.01
Hitachi - LT+ v2.0 
Hitachi 78/79 - LT+ v3.0

Currently all firmwares considered XBL safe (on the latest dashboard - although nothing is ever 100% safe).


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Customer Reviews

Amazing and Fast Service. Shipped out my Xbox 360 to the technician and got my Xbox back fully flashed and have had no issues for over 2 years now. Email support was very helpful in aiding me in the process and assured me of any concerns that I had.

Would definitely recommend!

Author: Nico Rindinella
No news available at the moment
In two words:
Absolutely brilliant.

My Full Review & Experience:
This is by far the best mod-shop I have ever dealt with (and I've tried several). Orders are literally shipped within hours of placing them (depending on time of day the order is placed and whether or not it's a weekend of course) and arrive exactly as advertised on the front page, within 3-5 business days. I have ordered twice & both orders arrived in exactly three days.

Another thing I must mention is the unbelievable top-notch tech support this place provides. There seems to be one main man behind the tech support and he goes above & beyond the "call of duty" (for lack of better terminology) to satisfy customers. This man deserves a pay raise after the 17+ emails exchanged between him and myself (you know who you are! you are terrific my man! :)

In my book, good tech support via email is HUGE for a mod-shop and ModchipCentral is not just good, they are truly superb. I have never experienced such competence & responsiveness from any other place I have tried. Questions, a lot like orders, are answered within hours. If you have any problems, they are resolved in the same manner. The main man is polite, professional & most importantly INTERESTED in helping.

My ONLY gripe, and believe me this is minuscule compared to the utter greatness of literally every other aspect of this shop, is that some product descriptions need slightly tweaked to avoid confusion & some links need updated. (ModchipCentral, feel free to contact me if you'd like specifics) Other than that, this is THE place to purchase your modding supplies if you want product reliability AND actual tech support.

Thank you to everyone behind-the-scenes at ModchipCentral who take care of the orders & enormous gratitude to the tech support, aka Sylvester :)

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