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Xecuter CR3 DGX V1.0 Add-on

Xecuter CR3 DGX V1.0 Add-on

Xecuter CR3 DGX V1.0 Add-on
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  • Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.15572.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
  • Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.15574.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
  • Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.16197.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)

The Xecuter DGX v1.0S is a standalone tool used when you wish to RGH Xbox 360 Slim consoles with dashboards versions higher than 2.0.14719, until the release of the Xecuter DGX Slim there has been no way to retrieve the CPU key for the RGH process on any Slim console running a dashboard higher than 2.0.14719. With the release of these handy little add-on boards it’s now possible to extract the CPU key from all Slim motherboards running these newer dashboards and truly is a feat by the team once again. This is the tool pretty much everyone has been waiting on and is once again a first by team Xecuter, the TX DGX v1.0S is going to be a must have tool for anyone doing or wanting to do RGH on Slim consoles with updated dashboards. These are sure to be a massive product and supply maybe limited for a little while, so make sure you get your orders in fast.

The Xecuter DGX Slim is a stand-alone tool and not a device that is left in the console like the glitch board. They are installed while going through and RGH install process to get the CPU key only, once the key has been retrieved you then remove the TX DGX v1.0S from the system. They are a 6-wire install and so not too much more complex than what we are all already used to, they are compatible with all Xbox 360 Slim motherboards and currently all previously un-glitch able dashboard versions such as 2.0.15572, 2.0.15574, 2.0.16197 & the very latest 2.0.16202. These are going to be a very important tool for those doing RGH on a regular basis and will be just as important as your nand flashing tools.

Other major news about the Xecuter DGX Slim is that it will enable support for Xbox 360 Slim Corona v3 & v4 motherboards which until now nothing could be done with as they all came already running dashboard 2.0.15547. Now the Corona v3 & v4 are going to be slightly trickier as the Post_Out point on these has to go to the Post_Out pin on the CPU itself, this is because they removed all debug points from the Corona v3 & v4 boards including the CPU Post_Out point. This means that to do an RGH on the Corona v3 or v4 you will need to remove the X-Clamp and heat sink from the top of the board to solder directly to the CPU. Now this can be done with wire which we have already seen some examples of, but team Xecuter save the day once again and will be releasing a special post add-on board to make this process a lot simpler, we will of course be stocking these and will be listed up on the site for pre-order as soon as the team announces them.

At first it looked like the Xecuter DGX v1.0S Slim was only going to function in conjunction with the CRv3 Pro which is also coming out soon and was first named the Xecuter CR3 DGX, but a recent announcement confirmed that it will now work as a standalone device and so the name was changed, this means it can be used in conjunction with any other glitch chips. Note that the Xecuter DGX v1.0S is only compatible with the Xbox 360 Slim consoles, they are working on a version for the Phat consoles and will be released in good time.

Availability for v1.0p (PHAT) should be no later than before the end of February 2013.

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Bought a DSTWO from them. Shipping was fast! Order arrived perfectly. I didn't even have to update it to work on my 3DS 6.3.0-12U, they pre-flashed it! Works perfectly! This is not a fake site! If you see any comment that this site is a scam, that is false! I recommend buying from them.

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