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Solderless Modchips

Solderless Modchips

Nintendo Wii to HDMI Converter 720p/1080p
SKU: wiihdmi

The Nintendo Wii is the only major gaming console that does not have HDMI output. The console's output resolution is only 480i/p, the lack of an HDMI output on the Wiii makes installations and wiring more complex and troublesome.

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Our price: $34.95
Market price: $44.95 save 22%
Refurbished D2C/D2E Drive Premodded w/ Wiikey 2+ Free Triwing + Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: drivekeydrive1

This is for a refurbished D2C/D2E premodded drive with a Wiikey 2 chip.  Comes with a free triwing and phillips screwdriver. This is a great solution if you have a D3-2 drive or to save yourself the hassles of modding your own console.  It is a direct replacement of your existing drive which is fairly simply to swap out!

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Our price: $59.95
Market price: $129.95 save 54%
Wode Jukebox v2.0 Wii Modchip + (Free Triwing + Phillips Screwdriver)
SKU: wode

The First Wii Optical drive emulator.

WODE includes a Flatmod type mainboard that via solderless attachment to the WIi drive PCB similar to9 other solderless modchips. Also comes with a stand that houses a slave board with built-in LCD display, USB, and SDHC media slot. The SDHC media would contain the LINUX software for improved WODE performance.

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Our price: $72.95
Market price: $89.95 save 19%
Wiikey Fusion Wii Modchip w/ Free Triwing and Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: wiikeyfusion

There are Wiikey Fusion clones out now in China. To ensure you do not receive a cheap non supported clone, be sure to only buy from Wiikey's authorized distributor list. We are official Distributors!

The Wiikey fusion is a brand new mod chip for Nintendo Wii by the Wiikey Team. This revolutionary mod chip will allow you to play your backup ISOs from any SD card or DVD.

The Wiikey Fusion package from ModchipCentral comes with:

  • Wiikey Fusion Modchip
  • Drive Cable
  • Jtag Cable
  • External SD Card Slot
  • Double sided tape to mount your Wiikey fusion on the wide of your Wii
  • FREE Triwing screwdriver (max 1 free per order)
  • FREE Phillips head (max 1 free per order)
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Our price: $29.45
Market price: $44.95 save 34%
DriveKey (DKPROG) Programmer w/Micro USB Cable
SKU: dkprog

Drivekey Programmer (DKProg) is a new USB JTAG programmer for DriveKey! Connects to your PC via USB and enable instant updating of your DriveKey. Letting you enjoy new features once new firmware is released.

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Our price: $29.95
Market price: $34.95 save 14%
DriveKey Wii Modchip (Works with New Mario Bro's) w/ Free Triwing + Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: drivekeynsmb1

Nintendo Wii Drivekey Modchip - DriveKey sits on the bus between the Wii motherboard and the DVD drive.

It transparently monitors all data transmitted. When a backup disc is inserted DriveKey emulates an original game disc by transmitting and patching necessary data. DriveKey has full control and can read the entire DVD media.

This is a 100% solderless chip.

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Our price: $34.95
Market price: $44.95 save 22%
MicroUSB Cable
SKU: microusb

MicroUSB Cable for USB NAND programming tools.

Effective for use with the XK3Y, DK Programmer, NAND-X, and even for data/power connection to popular mobile devices with the micro USB port.

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Our price: $5.95
Wasabi DX Wii Modchip w/ Free Triwing and Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: wasabidx

The Wasabi DX is a true solderless wii modchip from the famous Wasabi team, who have were one of the pioneering companies to create Wii modchips. The Wasabi DX functionality and installation is pretty much EXACTLY the same as the DriveKey and other solderless Wii modchips. Installation of the Wasabi DX is similarly very easy.

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Our price: $29.95
Market price: $34.95 save 14%
Wasabi DX Wii Modchip + V16 Wiiclip w/ Free Triwing and Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: wasabidxv16

When using the Wasabi DX with the V16 Wiiclip, this turns your chip into having 6x read speed as opposed to the original 3x!

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Our price: $49.95
Market price: $64.95 save 23%
Solderless Wiikey2 + V14 Wiiclip w/ Free Triwing and Phillips Screwdriver (NSMB Updateable)
SKU: wiikey2v14

The WiiKey 2 soldered to a V14a (newest) WiiClip
Also Comes with: Tri-wing & phillips screwdrivers, as well as protective cover and labels.

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Our price: $34.95
Market price: $44.95 save 22%
SKU: hdmikey

HDMiKey is a sleek and stylish product that allows all Wii owners to hook up their consoles to any display with HDMI or DVI interface. It plugs directly into the Wii and doesnt require any big and bulky power supply. It also has dual digital and analog audio output for connecting the Wii to state of the art sound systems. For displays without upscaling it also offer internal upscaling up to 1080p. HDMiKey firmware is fully updatable due to an unique update system. Built with only the highest quality components, gold plated connectors on both sides and a solid 4 layer PCB this product is a must have for Wii gamers!

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Our price: $39.95
Market price: $54.95 save 27%
I was never a fan of buying stuff off the web cuz of scams but these People dont scam and they ship it quick.
i bought an xkey with Full Install best money spent got it back by the end of the week. i will buy more from these people =D

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