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Controller and Battery USB Charging Dock Station for XBOX 360
Controller and Battery USB Charging Dock Station for XBOX 360

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XBox360 Charging Dock: Recharge the XBOX360 wireless controller,simultaneously recharge the controller and battery pack by using USB connection.Red LED charging indicator lights.It can recharge the AA rechargeable batteries with different capacity.
Working voltage:
Working current:

How to use:
Set the official XBOX360 wireless controller in the front charging dock,and only put the battery pack in back charging dock.
The PAD LED light indicates the charging status of controller,BAT LED light indicates the charging status of battery pack.
Plug the USB cable into the charging dock and the USB port of console.
If the red LED light in charging,it keeps red,it means the battery is recharging.
When the battery is fully charged the LED light will keep green.

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