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Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2
Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2

The Squirt 360 (CoolRunner + Squirt Programmer) all-in-one Glitch hack!

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1 Matrix glitcher
2 Matrix Glitcher 360
1 Coolrunner

What to said about this store ? let me think ..
Are they fast on delivry ? Oh yeah !
Everything well supported ? Oh yeah ! as said they contact you by email to inform you and do the best for you never see other shop acting like this ! .
Are they fast to react when times come to exchange defective product ? really fast as they can !

You can buy here with eyes closed ! really really good service all the way !
(comment from a french guy ;) )

5 stars !

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