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Squirt 360 Programmer V2 - 8-bit Power Translator
Squirt 360 Programmer V2 - 8-bit Power Translator

Introducing the newest JTAG Programmer v2.0 from team Squirt360! Now with on-board, an 8-BIT Power translator from 3.7V to 1.8V. This simple IC open the door to connect the SQUIRT FTDI interface to any device!

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Just rcvd my x360usb pro, ck3 lite, power molex...yesterday i ordered originally last thursday..incredible from canada all the way down to fl in just 4 buisnes days ...amazing guys product works flowless..updated my usbpro since the version on it was outdated v0.17 current is v0.18 and flash my benq with my laptop in a hickup,,thanks a lot ...

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