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Maximus Vampire Only
SKU: vampireonly

This item is the vampire, cable to xtractor pro and protective pad only.
This does not include the rebuild

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Maximus Vampire Rebuild Board
SKU: rebuildboard


 This board is a rebuild board, do you remember having to wire up the traces that you cut at the beginning of the MRA method to read the Liteon Firmware? well, this board can be used to avoid doing that re-wire, while the use of this board IS NOT REQUIRED to use the Vampire, we are sure that the use of this board will simplify the full mod procedure, and it has a couple of extra features like making easy access to the probe spots for the vampire and at the end of the job you can choose route the PIN 101 to the power connector of the drive for future updates without re-open (with an upcoming tool). Simply use the rebuild board from the beginning of the installation and we are sure you will find it useful.

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Our price: $2.95
SPEAR - addon for 360xtractor
SKU: spearaddon

This the new probe tool for the 360 Xtractor product called 'Spear' which eliminates the need to bridge TX/RX and makes key extraction on Lite-On 74850c Drives

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Our price: $11.95
Market price: $12.95 save 8%
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