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Infectus 2 Kit

Infectus 2 Kit

Infectus 2 Kit
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InFeCtuS 2 is the first versatile modchip ever released in the market, created to work with many different consoles. InFeCtuS will give you access to so many features that it's impossible to describe them all today, some are still in development and more will come in the future, just stay tuned on www.infectus.biz

We developed this modchip with an OPEN concept, we use a CORE reprogrammable, a 512kb flash on board and an USB interface for the PC communication.

The hardware has a very HIGH QUALITY component design:

* The core of INFECTUS is the new ACTEL ProASIC3 FAMILY, the new family after the famous APA075 used in the past in many PS2 projects.
* We used a 512Kb parallel flash SSTSF040, with a high transfer rate and performance.
* Finally, we have got a REAL USB2.0 processor. This high quality component can manage the communication between ACTEL and PC (mini usb connector).
* All of the chip PLD/FLASH/USB parts are 100% reprogrammable via USB communication.
* For security reasons, all of the applications stored in the flash are AES 128-bit encrypted, to protect our work against chinese market!
* The project is produced in Europe with the last technology of BSDL testing.

The new Infectus modchip

Being InFeCtuS so versatile, we want to show you at least a little part of its features, ordered by console.


* Allows to gain total access over the XBOX360 flash driver, so that you can read and write the internal flash of any X360 DVD READER in the market.
Everything can be managed with a very simple and user friendly PC software.* COMPLETE SUPPORT OF BENQ DRIVERS
* FLASH ID realtime patching, your xbox360 cannot understand if there is any flash running other than the original one.
* GLOBE MODCHIP 360 100% emulation including ON / OFF LED


* The first work to be done is to allow our users to flash directly the PS3 BIOS by USB. So no more problem with firmwares, you can install everything you want, when you want. All the complications due to firmware versions that cannot be downgraded will not bother you anymore.
This solution will be released in the next 4 weeks!
* Another new feature that we want to add is a REAL TIME patching of the firmware part that you want to be emulated from the chip. Being the 512Kb flash not enough to store a real dual firmware, we'll have to wait for the first hacked firmware to understand if a "realtime" patching will be possible. In case we won't be able to find more ideas, a new version of Infectus with a memory expantion bay will be released.


* Complete O2 MODCHIP emulation 100% with all functionalities (www.o2mod.com) - Included for FREE


Of course this is a free "bonus" in this mod because, we know, most of You wouldn't install such a big and expensive chip on a WII, but being it free... it's a good chance!

* WII D2C 13 wire modchip, implemented on INFECTUS the ARGON firmware


The possibility to manage the features using an easy software is one of the BIG advantages of this modchip solution!

* WIZARD help for the users: you will simply follow software's instruction step by step, everyone would be able to install and manage the INFECTUS MOD.
* When you will be ready to install INFECTUS on a DVD DRIVE 078 XBOX360 FIRMWARE, the software will assist you with a 100% automated extraction of the key and the patch of new firmware.
* WIZARD configuration based on XML for an automatical update of last firmwares.
* X360 FIRMWARE checksum, the software will tell you if you are actually using the correct firmware (this feature is only available in WIZARD procedure)
* HELP section to allow an easy searching of X360 firmwares

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I bought a xKey from them, dont know if it was cheap or not becuase they were the only sellers nearby.
I received it a week later, during the holdiays.
It did not work however do some error during installation. I contacted them and returned my old one.
Within a week, i got a email saying what happenned and what would i like to do.
They sent a replacement within 2 days, and i got it within 5.
Everything works, and they could not have done better on there side of things.
So yes, go ahead and buy from them, you wont be surprised.
Shivam Patel

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