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Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon)

Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon)

Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon)
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Add Vampire Rebuild Board
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This device will help to professional installers to do the Firmware reading on the latest Liteon drives (83850V2 & 93450). Its based on the MRA concept and 100% compatible with all Xtractor units, it connects directly on the Xtractor pin port. It came with 2 visual indicators, one for polarity check and other for Vendor Mode. This product no longer comes with the Foam pad.

This device release could confuse some people because we just released Litekey
But the reason is simple, Litekey is intended for end users who want to install a device on their drives
that simplify their lifes on future updates without having to re-open the drive, their main worry is about enjoying the console, they should not be bothered about plugging, wiring, switching, every time they update.

Now for the Professional Installers market, some installers could adopt Litekey for their regular daily mods, and they could simply pass the Litekey cost to end user (who ends with a more quality job). But there are other Installers who can feel leaving one Litekey soldered for every drive they mod is an un-needed expense, so basically they are 2 different markets, the vampire will cover the market that does not accept litekey as a choice and preffer a re-usable tool even when could require some more care and some extra steps to do the updates on the future.

1ea - Protection Pad
1ea - Vampire addon
1ea - Cable kit
2ea - Rebuild board

But more to add to the confusion, Vampire didn't came alone !!!
What is this small board that seems similar to litekey !!! Its Maximus trying to confuse us ? 
This board is a rebuild board, do you remember having to wire up the traces that you cut at the beginning of the MRA method to read the Liteon Firmware? well, this board can be used to avoid doing that re-wire, while the use of this board IS NOT REQUIRED to use the Vampire, we are sure that the use of this board will simplify the full mod procedure, and it has a couple of extra features like making easy access to the probe spots for the vampire and at the end of the job you can choose route the PIN 101 to the power connector of the drive for future updates without re-open (with an upcoming tool). Simply use the rebuild board from the beginning of the installation and we are sure you will find it useful.

We have placed on our Downloads section 2 manuals, one for the use of the "Vampire with the rebuild board" (recomended) and other for using the "Vampire Standalone". We really want you give a try and we have bundled 2  One Rebuild Boards for free on every Vampire sale (till new announcement). More rebuild boards can be acquired in affordable packs on your favorite reseller's store if you end adopting the concept. 

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I purchased 2 different bundles separately and forgot to purchase them together in the same cart. I also forgot to add an item that was cheaper buying it with 1 of the bundles......But these sellers are amazing! They added all of my items together so I only had to pay one shipping charge and they also added the item that I forgot to add to 1 of the bundles. I recommend to all those buyers out there that you should buy from this company. Great experience...Fast shipping, great prices, and they help and communicate with the buyers in a way that shows that they care.

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