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Xilinx Parallel Programmer (for Matrix Glitcher and other CPLD's)
SKU: xilinx

Xilinx Parallel Programmer based on the popular Cable III with red and green indicators.

This programmer is an affordable and great way to program your Xilinx chips.
Start programming the Xilinx line of products including CPLD's and FPGA's!

Simply plug the programmer into your parallel port on your PC, an the other end to your Xilinx chip.

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Our price: $19.95
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ModChipCentral is an awesome, and extremely professional site. I ordered an Xk3y USB loader from modchipcentral and had them install it. They were quick to answer any questions I emailed them. They did an awesome job with the install, everything worked as expected when my Xbox arrived. I will definitely be buying from them again and encourage everyone else to do the same!

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