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Intensafire V2.0 for PS3 Controllers BGR-IF200

Intensafire V2.0 for PS3 Controllers BGR-IF200

Intensafire V2.0 for PS3 Controllers BGR-IF200
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ETA COMPATIBILITY: Works with all first persons and third person shooters
Pull the Trigger: A great deal of time has gone into developing this product to ensure its quality and reliability.  Inside the plush packaging is an ingeniously simple to install IntensaFIRE flexboard. As part of the IntensaFIRE owners experience you have access to simple diagram instructions at BGRMods.com and excellent customer service provided exclusively by the BGR team. 

The IntensaFIRE is the hottest mod on the market with a strong social media presence supporting gamers and retailers alike. Top retailers can be found on BGR’s “Where to Buy” section of the site with support from our sales team that our competition simply cannot compete with. 

What is it: The IntensaFIRE enhances the PS3 Dual Shock 3® wireless controllers, transforming them into rapid-fire controllers with stealth technology.

Benefits include: rapid-fire R1button, 10-mode sleeper and a customizable user programmer-mode. Not only is it easy to install it doesn’t require a more powerful battery and it’s easy to program for all future games.

IntensaFIRE 2.0 Modes

  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Rapid Fire Alternate Speed
  3. Dual Trigger
  4. Rapid Fire (3 Burst)
  5. Jitter Fire
  6. Fast Reload
  7. Rapid Fire + Fast Reload
  8. Drop Shot
  9. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot
  10. User Programming Mode
  11. Battlefield 3 Auto Tagging Mode

For the absolute clearest instructions on installation check out the link below!

PS3 Installation Instructions PDF


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I have bought products from this site and it was delivered as described. Sometimes because out of stock situations and here explained in plain english could cause a delay, things that are really out of control.
Not only that they delivered, they also answered questions about other products they didnt carry and advize me on what is best for my money. You ask me what I think about Modchip Central, I think they are nothing but class.
Thank you Sylvester.

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