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Cygnos 360 v2 Rev F

Cygnos 360 v2 Rev F

Cygnos 360 v2 Rev F
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These are no longer dual NAND setups, this device uses your onboard NAND only

The new version is now able to read and program also the so called “big block NANDs” which are the 256Mb and 512Mb mainboard versions if the Xbox360. In addition to the added support for big blocks the new version ads more quicksolder pads which means less cables are required. Cygnos360 V2 Ref F fits nicely onto the underside of the Xbox360 mainboards and connects to the Jtag port via quicksolders (no resistors or cables needed here) Take a look at the photo, you will see on the top right the new quicksolder pads that sit directly on the jtag port.)

 The new version does not carry a secondary NAND anymore so it is a single flasher, not a dual NAND. The reasons for this are, you don’t really need the dual NAND feature anymore on the home brew stuff and it allows us to make one version that fits all Xbox 360 versions.

Cygnos 360 V2 is now available for Xenon, Opus, Falcon, Zephyr, as well as all  different Jasper versions (16, 256 & 512).

 Our tests show very fast programming and reading times. Reading a full 512Mb image takes less than 10 minutes, a 16Mb image less than 2 minutes. The images created are highly reliable as we have implemented error checking during the transfer.

 The Cygnos360 V2 is faster, more reliable and easier to install than any alternative solutions. It is now in its 6th revision and we are proud to used each step to make it more perfect.

 Revision F is already on the way to some of our resellers which will stock them end of this week. Next week more stores are going to follow.

We have also release a new version of the toolbox (Version 1.10)

- SR needs to be soldered to where previously X0 was soldered to (J2B1, pin 5)
- PW needs to be soldered to where previously X4 was soldered to (FT2N3)
- RX needs to be soldered to where previously X2 was soldered to (J2B1, pin 2)
- TX needs to be soldered to where previously X3 was soldered to (J2B1, pin 1)
- please don't forget to solder RB, VCC and all of the quick-solder pads as well.

Software 1.10 Beta 1

Firmware v1.05

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USB Dongle Replacement for X360key / xk3y / 3k3y / 3key Short FCC Cable for X360key /xk3y USB Host Shield Expansion Board Google Android Compatible for Arduino

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ModChip Central rules!

I've had a few things I have ordered that turned out to be out of stock or unavailable, so they worked with me to get something that would work and also took my (probably annoying) questions and were very helpful, even over the weekend of all times, when they did NOT have to!

I have bought things from all the other North American suppliers, and they are all good, but ModChip Central is by far the best one, even just rating them by their customer service alone!

-- Matt
Matt Johnson

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