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Phat to Slim Xbox 360 Power Supply Converter

Phat to Slim Xbox 360 Power Supply Converter

Phat to Slim Xbox 360 Power Supply Converter
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You can now use the power supply from your Phat Xbox 360 on a Slim Xbox 360 console! Simply plug in the convert cable to the Phat PSU and connect to your Xbox 360 Slim.

Much cheaper than having to buy an extra PSU if you own both versions of console. Cable length: 24 cm

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ELEAF ISTICK 60W TC FULL KIT Double Shielded Pro CPU_RST Cable PHAT or SLIM Arduino Upgraded learning kit

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I preordered a wasabi 360 slim and got it last month. It installed very easily and with the latest firmware v1.2beta3 it extracted my DVD .bin within seconds. I have used modchipcentral for years and sometimes they are a couple dollars higher but they are quality!! You know you are getting what you pay for and not getting a cheap look a like.I would like to add to the firmware extraction step. When you are ready to get your firmware you must push and hold the small green up arrow located around the left button on the slim console before you turn on the Xbox,then turn on the Xbox and continue to hold it until the Xbox comes on this only took 10seconds tops. Also when you are installing this MAKE sure the power cable is oriented the right way(the end with the extra small 2 cords should plug into the DVD drive so they can reach the wasabi and give it power. The 2 small cords will not reach if you mess up on this step.
Tommy Caldwell

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