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PROGSKEET V1.20 Black Tar Edition w/ FREE Adaptor PCB kit

PROGSKEET V1.20 Black Tar Edition w/ FREE Adaptor PCB kit

PROGSKEET V1.20 Black Tar Edition w/ FREE Adaptor PCB kit
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DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: http://www.progskeet.com/downloads/PROGSKEET1.2-MANUAL.pdf


  • Redesign of main board now more small and stable (4 layers)
  • Slave baord with USB, LED, SWITCH (for memory banks selection)
  • FCC cable 15 pins that allow to connect externally the slave board
  • Bus SPI on FCC cable for future expansions
  • 100% support of WINSKEET
  • DLL OPEN library to allow integration in other alternative programs
  • 1 Mbit SPI FLASH memory on board

Package contents:


The biggest change with the new PROGSKEET V1.2 will be the support of DUAL NOR / NAND on different consoles.

NOR and NAND CLIPS are no longer supported due to the switch to QSB's as a more cost-effective and more stable solution . News of these add-ons will be released soon.

More info about specs of new WINSKEET and software to be announced.

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Customer Reviews

Piece of crap!! Don't buy this rubbish. It doesn't even come with the clips needed to connect it to the board. There are NO tutorials online, and I had to do some searching before I even found the programmer software for the Infectus. This is bloody useless!!

Author: C.J
I recently ordered an AceKard / MicroSD combo with a card reader and I admit I was incredibly skeptical about placing the order. However, my package was received in four days, which was ahead of schedule, and nothing was damaged. I wouldn't mind some better packing in the future because everything was just laying in a rather large envelope where it was free to flop around, also the card reader wasn't in a box; it was just loose. But, given the fact that all I ordered was a few cards and an adapter, the only way that they could have been damaged was if they were purposely damaged, so it's not a big deal.

I am satisfied with the product I received, what I paid for it, and the quick shipping. It definitely beats ordering from overseas; I can only imagine what that would have been like.


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