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PSTwo/PS2 SLIM Flip Top Cover
PSTwo/PS2 SLIM Flip Top Cover

The PSTwo flip top cover allows you to play PS2 original, purchased game back-ups with the Swap Magic PS2 Boot Discs. This is performed by swapping the store-bought (original) Swap Magic Disc with your PS2 original, purchased game back-ups by lifting the flip top lid.

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I ordered the x360key from this site, after ordering I realised I had to change my shipping address and also made a few inquiries about the product. Responses were made during the same day I sent off the emails. I didn't receive any animosity from them even though I felt I was being a nag, lol. Btw they shipped the x360 key today so I'll see how long it takes to reach me here.
Great customer service, will definitely return in the future.

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